Every year, as the date becomes more and more meaningless I would wonder the exact same thing; the step on which I’m standing on.


5 years ago, I imagined quite a different picture.




By this time I would be as wise as Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas.





And that I would be a bent crooked toothless old lady but with a vast of fortune.


Hmmm I quite like the idea. Except for the toothless part.


But clearly those aren’t the case. I’m nowhere as wise and opposite to being rich, I’m near broke. Yay me. 


The things you imagined when you were 17 years old……T___T


And yet, if you asked that 17-year old girl, she wouldn’t recognise the person she had become now.

Not only because I’d grown out of the pink phase (how I could think pink was a flattering shade is still beyond me). Or because I do eat vegetables (rabbit food wth) now.


But because





I asked for an electric oven for my birthday. Well, I didn’t ask exactly…..


I just asked Pija to give hints to my housemates. You know, like, in case they couldn’t figure out what to give me, she could say something like,

“Eh hari tu Nisa macam ada cakap dia nak oven.”

Or something along that line….


And also when Mimi and Kozac asked me what I wanted for presents,

“Just give me anything. But, you know, I don’t want things that collect dusts. Like candles. Or frames. And I don’t want plush toys either. But don’t buy me an oven because my housemates are getting me one. You guys can join them if you want though.”


Well, they did ask.


I’m amazed at my own slyness (and shamelessness) at times *coughs*


But I really wanted an oven!! And I figured since my birthday was coming up why not make everyone’s life easier (and mine also obviously). I mean it’s so hard to bake without an oven….


So just now when Pija and I went to CS, and she dragged me to an electronic shop, and asked me to choose which oven I wanted,


I felt like crying. Seriously. Because I didn’t think they would take my words seriously. And also because my muka tembok has its limits lah. It’s one thing to demand. It’s another to choose what you demanded.


And then Pija bought me an 18 ltr white Morphy Richard oven (it’s bigger than Naned’s and Mimi’s; I checked!) so I could grill my own whole chicken. And then I felt like crying some more because I could do just fine with a cikai Rs 2000 oven.


And the best part was, I ACTUALLY FELT SO EXCITED WHEN I KNEW I WAS GETTING AN OVEN. Like that feeling you get when you’re buying a new handphone.


And when my Mum and Dad called to ask how my day was,


Nisa: Guess what I got!

Mum and Dad: What?

Nisa: I got an oven! Morphy Richard! *excitement on the verge of spilling*

Mum and Dad: *laughed* WHY THE HELL DID THEY GIVE YOU AN OVEN?? *laughed some more like its the most ridiculous present ever*


Mum and Dad: *stopped laughing immediately* That’s good!


Gosh, some people.


So anyway, thanks a bunch everyone!! I’m so touched!! Eh next year I might want a coffee maker, a juice






That day when I bought this set of plates,


Nisa: Mum today I bought a set of ceramic plates! For 6 people! There are 32 pieces including 2 oval plates, one big and one small-

Mum: So?

Nisa: You have no idea how it feels to eat of plastic plates. Hmmph.






Being in India I couldn’t help but being dragged into the world of……..



Cottons, and chiffons, and georgettes, and silks, and lace.

I have to say I’ve pretty good taste. Ehem.




And long scarves.

Which type of material that doesn’t even need ironing (the synthetic ones). Which type’s a pain in the ass (the pashmina-like ones). Which is see-through and difficult to shape (I dunno the name of the material).






As of this date, I’ve used the same red penyu pencil case for 2 years.


Yes, yes, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen (imagining an applause).


I never used the same pencil case in a year. Which means I changed my pencil case every few months. The one thing that I looked forward to when school re-opened was, buying a new pencil case. And I’m the weird type of person who don’t seem to mind spending more than she should for a pencil case.


But all that has changed now. What is happening to me??



I’ve become…………………………………….old.



Well old Nisa, there’s no avoiding it.

Here’s celebrating the 21st year of being alive.