I’m a bit full now so I better do something useful before I start curling under the comforter.


Blogging is considered as useful. I’m exercising my fingers *wriggled fingers*


Now. I consider myself as a somewhat realistic person. I normally dislike lusting over things that aren’t here at this moment. I mean…what’s the point? It’s not like it would magically appear in front of my eyes.


So that’s why I’ve been hating myself lately for having thoughts of how nice it’d be if I were at home during this fasting month.


How nice would it be to be able to wake up at 12 pm every day and play games and go online the whole day and bug my sisters and be excited when it’s time to break fast with the rest of the family.


And how nice it’d be to stuff my face with food and not worry I’d get sleepy and repeatedly forcing myself to study because 2nd IA is in 3 weeks.


Oh btw Raya is also in 3 weeks’ time.


Do your math.


Toodles from this KokoCrunch-less life of mine!