I just realised I’ve saved on electricity by not switching on the fan the whole day. 6 hours later I realised it’s because I was coming down with a fever.


No wonder I felt crappy the whole day. So much for being a med student T___T



So I’m currently posted in OBG department which is also my last posting for this semester. 

Saving the worst for the last……..


Skeptical me. Because

1) You do not know the meaning of boredom until you’ve listened to OBG lectures and

2) My previous OBG posting in Jain Hospital, to put it plainly, sucked.


But as every posting in Sindhi Hospital, OBG seems to be quite interesting.

*hesitant tone: seems, quite

Very humane if I could say so myself. Which might sound confusing since everything about medicine is humanly but……

To see people in pain over an unhealed wound/disease is somewhat different from the agony of a mother losing her unborn child.


Get what I mean?


Makes me wonder how it feels…..purely out of curiosity if that makes sense. To love someone whose presence is merely felt but not yet seen. And then to loss it.



Anyway, on a brighter note, I was blog hopping and stumbled upon this blog of…guess what, babies. Well, a baby to be precised.


Click on Mila’s Daydreams to go awwww over imaginative cute baby pictures!

All taken while her baby’s napping >_<


These are among my- well, I love them all to be honest:






babychagall copy






Like this I oso want a baby.