Next week will definitely suck, hands down.


It’s not about the tests; Patho (ANOTHER ONE, AGAIN) and end of posting exam (Surgery, that’s gonna be a tough one).


Well, not mostly that is.




That means slacks. And shirts. And baju kurung. And formal skirts.

That means no t-shirts. No cardis. No jeans. No flip flops. No layerings.


It all comes down to…….. IRONING.



In case you haven’t noticed, the dress code of my uni is pretty much non-existence. We’re free to wear whatever we want to classes. You wanna wear selipar jepun to clinical posting oso can.


And for medical students like us, I know that’s lenient.

But hello, we’re in India. Only yesterday I saw a lady doctor wearing jeans and a turquoise turtleneck top doing her rounds.


When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do. Ever heard of that?


And I really don’t understand about this dress code thing. Medicine is a professional course, yeah. I know that. We’re required to look professional by wearing smart clothes. I know that too.


But Medicine is also a very tough course (as every other course I’m sure). With the tests and the studying and the 8 – 5 pm schedule everyday,




I would rather spend that 10 minutes getting a lie in. Or blogging. Or watching TV. Or surfing the net.

Ok, you must get my point by now.


Now the reason of having to wear formal clothes is coz MMC (Malaysian Medical Council) will be paying us a visit. I sincerely hope they won’t stay for more than a week.


Because I’m already counting how many slacks I have T__T



On a totally different note, yesterday I had the privilege to palpate someone’s armpit. Bare hands.


I’m being sarcastic in case you didn’t get the tone by the way.


What the hell right?


The doctor was teaching us how to palpate axillary lymph nodes.

*Axilla = armpit


So when she was done, she asked us to do it. And I happened to be standing in front. And since the sterile gloves were limited, I wore only one, that is on my right hand.


Things were going fine when I palpated the anterior, central, apical and lateral groups of lymph nodes.


But when its time to palpate the posterior group, I had to palpate from the back. Meaning using my un-gloved hand.


DOC: It’s ok. Just use your hand. You can wash it after this.

ME: *stuttered and stammered for an excuse that wouldn’t come out*


And so I palpated.


. . . . .


Let’s just pretend he showered 3 times a day and wear deodorant. And throw in a bottle of perfume as well into that imagination.


That doesn’t sound so bad now right?


Like I said, being a medical student is already tough. Now I have to iron my clothes everyday as well.


Humph .


UPDATE: Oh, I was wrong. Seems that we’re required to wear formal clothes from now on. Which is forever. And ever. And ever. Gosh this sucks.