Surprisingly commed ended early this week (that means before 4 pm wohoooo!!).


That’s what happened when all the junior lecturers had resigned and only the old ones remain 😦

They sure have a lot of energy to stand and yak for hours considering their age…….


Eh. Asal commed je complain. What this.


So anyway. Since commed ended early, I dashed to Mantri Square to catch the 4.15 pm show of Salt.

And I love it! The movie I mean. Must go and watch!


I’m making it my habit to watch movies on weekdays.


Weekdays = Less people = Won’t bump into anyone I know = Awesome


It doesn’t matter if I have to go alone.


And I shopped as well :( 


I’m supposed to be saving………… (sarcastic remarks on this are not allowed in my blog. I too am capable of saving ok?)

But how could I resist since the SALE signs were everywhere? Dunno end of what season sale this time. Summer perhaps.


I definitely should turn my attention back towards baking. Will search for new recipes soon.


But it’s ok. Elaun perkakas is coming soon >_<



I will be really really really frugal next month.