Believe me, I’ve never danced so much in my life.

Until today *grins*


HOPE is a volunteered program of our university. A handful of volunteers would be selected among us students and one school in the district would be chosen.


What we do basically is, we plan a whole bunch of activities for them students and try to promote food hygiene and education at the same time.

Finding out what the school lacks on necessities, we try to compensate by donating those things.


These are all done using the money from last year’s Charity Dinner (so now you know what happened to your money ;)  )


This year, it was held at New Noble High School; a Muslim populated school over 1000 students from Grade 1 till Grade 10.

The school is solely founded by the headmistress. With such a huge number of students, the 3-floor building was ridiculously small and packed.


My high school was over 20 acres and there were only 700+  students =____=”


The education system here, of course, differs from Malaysia’s.


Grade 1 consists of 3 year old pre-kindergarten kids.

Grade 10; 15 year olds. And at 16 years old, they start their pre-university courses.

No wonder the postgraduate doctors I’ve seen here are so young!




The white scarves were just draped over their heads without being held by any clips. And they stayed!




They had all sorts of ranks. Prefects, discipline leaders, class leaders, sport captains, captains. They were all so confusing. But apparently, the highest rank is Captain who’s responsible for the whole school.


While the post Sport Captain is usually held by a boy, here, it’s held by a girl. And the Vice Captain is a boy. Yay! Women power!




Our mascot. Come to think of it, doesn’t this belong to the super seniors? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it during last year’s Sport’s Day……



He’s the class leader, and he’s only 8 years old. So cute!







This is how they’re supposed to stand. With their arms folded across their chest instead of hanging stiff by their sides.







Aren’t the shoes cute?? They’re like mini white loafers!








I was pretty nervous at first because, well, I’m not so good with kids. And there were hundreds of them! But before I knew it, I was surrounded with kids holding out their breakfast to me and asking me to take a bite.

Needless to say, my own breakfast laid aside untouched. But that was only the starting of the fun!


DSC08184 The purple group wasn’t even my group but I was bias because they’re so adorable!


I found out they’re vegetarians but dislike eating vegetables because they threw/returned the veggie sandwiches. So cute!

Ah, kids…..never mind. I only started eating veggies when I was 18 😛








DSC08179 Them with their goody bags >_<


DSC08174 They’re all so enthusiastic!


DSC08175 Adik Belon bias siot! As with everyone else because the boy there had such pretty eyes T__T








We had 6 different stations. I was assigned at station 2 with 2 friends. We did a video presentation of hygiene andddddd……DANCING!


We danced to head-shoulders-knees-and-toes and if-you’re-happy-and-you-know-it-clap-your-hands and the chicken dance songs!


And the kids were so energetic! They were all over the place. I don’t remember being that energetic when I was a kid T__T


And they kept asking us to repeat the dances. That’s only one group; there were 6 groups! By the end of the day I had arthritis dancing to the songs a hundred times and my throat was sore from singing.

But it was fun nevertheless!! Gosh so many exclamation marks.



These two are the prefect and discipline leader (told ya they have a lot of titles). They’re so good mannered!



Us facilitators 🙂


Those children are just so wonderful. I hope they’ll grow up into wonderful people and make something out of their lives.


At the end of the day, wanna know what their favourite activity was?




Even the 15 year old prefects. I’m guessing none of the hygiene stuff got into their heads.




So, chicken dance anyone? I’m pretty good at it now 😛