These days I prefer spending my time curled up in bed being absorbed in a book.


I’ve only recently discovered Jhumpa Lahiri 🙂 Thanks to Mimi who introduced me to her books.


Though The Namesake is the one adapted into a movie in 2007, it’s Unaccustomed Earth I love.




Because upon reading the last few words, I found my eyes clouded with tears.


I have yet to find a book that’s capable of making me cry. Until Unaccustomed Earth.

Either it’s one truly great book…. or it’s just my hormones.

You choose.


She writes mostly on Indian immigrants to US, trying to adapt with the conflicting cultures.


What enticed me wasn’t the plots; there’re pretty much your-everyday-life. It’s her plain way of writing, beautifully woven, capturing the emotions of each character perfectly.


Her stories are those with souls; something I find rare these days.


Now I have no choice but to read Interpreter of Maladies.

For some unknown reason, her books remind me of this song:




Memang I have ample time to review books kan. Dah dah. Forensic test tomorrow.