And it’s not even 12 am =____=”


It’s despairing when there are 3 more school days to go. Well, 4 for me as I have clinical posting on Saturday. Pfft.


It’s a feverish week.


I sit at the back instead of the usual front row. Tapping my feet and glancing at my watch every 2 minutes, wondering why time’s passing so slow. The lecturers’ voices seem to be booming in my ears, giving me constant headaches.

Walking out in the middle of lectures to go home and take a nap seems very tempting.


Oh wait. I did that.


I abhor the attendance system more and more by each passing day. Makes me wonder which dimwit came up with the idea.


And of course I’m writing this when I should be studying for Microb test tomorrow.


Why else would I be so sleepy this early?


Ok I give up. Sleeping is nicer.