By that, I didn’t mean lesbian as in lesbian. No, no.


Lesbo friend is a rather crude term for BFF; that one person you always hang out with.


Now you don’t go googling for the term because it doesn’t exist. At least, I don’t think so. Certainly not Oxfard Dictionary material.


I don’t remember exactly who invented the term “lesbo friend” but I’m pretty sure it’s one of my housemates. They’re wacko. Like me.


In my case, my lesbo friend is Mimi.


Jogging? Ajak Mimi.

Shopping? Ajak Mimi.

Lepak Bashir? Ajak Mimi.

Attending ceramah agama? Ajak Mimi.

Going to some boring college event? Ajak Mimi.


Basically everything ajak Mimi. She covers all areas. Lol.


I spend the whole of my Sunday with her yesterday. Went to Yeshwantpur in the morning. Ehem. Fine! In the afternoon. We both overslept 😐

Lepak at Bashir after that.

Then we went to MG Road.


MG Road! Gosh, I can’t even remember when I last went there. Semua Mantri Square punya pasal.

Was surprised there were a lot of new stores opened!

I wanted to shop as I haven’t done any shopping for 3.5 months! Yes I counted. That’s ages.


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Fooling around in the fitting room while waiting for Maghrib prayer.




  Went to Matteo for pastries and coffee. It was a very very late tea.




MIMI: Eh taste the icing. It’s delicious.

NISA: *makes face* I don’t like icings.

MIMI: This one’s sweet.

NISA: *immediately grabbed a spoon on reflex to the word sweet* 

MIMI: Uish you ni, kalau benda manis.


Ah, a touch of sweetness here and there couldn’t hurt…right?



Mimi studying for Pharmaco seminar T_T


I always ajak her keluar spontaneously on Sundays; she has Pharmaco seminar on Mondays.

So kesian her 😦



Ok so that’s basically it.


A new week has started and already I hate it =___=”