I have a very mild headache now.


I would like to say it’s coz I’ve been studying a lot.

But it’s not.


It’s coz I slept a lot.


With such a hectic schedule, sleeping becomes a priority.

I guess it’s a way of rebelling.


In fact, I took the whole day off today. And managed to restrain myself from studying all day long.

Not that that’s hard to do 😉


There’s Medicine viva tomorrow. Which I couldn’t care about.

Surely I know something from my one month of Medicine posting. And the Fridays I’ve spend in the conference room listening to lectures.


Another written Medicine test on Saturday morning and Patho test in the afternoon.

Next week I have to submit my copy of Patho folio, there’s a Patho seminar and there’s Microb test.


Patho department is suddenly so mengada-ngada. They wanna do every single thing.



Well. I only have one thing to say here.



Screw them all.