It’s depressing.


It’s depressing when I have the night off yet there’s nothing interesting to do.

Watching movies on the laptop doesn’t spell interesting. Studying is definitely far from interesting. I just finished reading 2 books so there’re no new books to read.


Hello patho test

I’m finding myself all curled up under the comforter on the carpet like a caterpillar. Staring at my desktop and blasting the music out loud and thinking of nothing.



So despite having nothing to write, I ended up writing. Naturally.


These last 4 days are labeled as happy days. Because I was in high spirits consistently 🙂 Less stressful I guess.


Woke up at 8.30 am this morning. 10 am to me is early. 8.30 am is freaking early. And on a lazy Sunday, it sure doesn’t occur often 😉


My head was buzzing all weekend with red bean pau. Hueh.


And I ter-woke up early coz I was so excited about making them =____=”


So I made up my bed, brushed my teeth, washed my face, skipped shower and went straight to the kitchen to boil my overnight-soaked red beans.






I danced with joy in the kitchen when the red bean paste actually became..well, red bean paste. I didn’t think it was possible =__=”

And no, there’s no ready made red bean paste here.







Aren’t they cute? *sighs*




And tadaaaa my red bean pau!!



I made about 30 and gave most of them away. I think that’s one of the joy in baking. Eh I said baking ah. There’s no joy in cooking whatsoever.

It’s not eating. It’s having people enjoy what you make.


Fuh I am suddenly so philosophical *smug look*


It’s ironic how when I first came here I didn’t even know how to fry an omelet or cook rice and yet now I’m a sucker at making pastries.


And ironic how I’m swapping my shopping-therapy for baking-therapy.


Shut up. A girl is allowed to change her mind ok. Just like a fish can swim.


Give me 2 more months and my blog will turn into an amateur patissier blog. What a nightmare T__T


Ok what should I try next weekend?