Never have I thought I would come to the age where I would be wondering and grumbling about the plumber.


Makes me sound so old lah!


But. I need the plumber. My toilet ceiling is still leaking. And knowing that above my toilet is another person’s toilet i.e the water dripping is actually air tandas, the disgust meter just went up to its maximum.


Kalau air dapur I tolerate lah jugak.

Ok, probably not.


Mr. Plumber came 3 times already. 3 TIMES. And each time he said he would fix it the next day. Only to appear a few days later. And then he said the same thing again.


Dunno how to fix leakings no need to be a plumber lah!


It’s been 2 weeks od. And the original patch had become patches. And I think there are fungus growing where the water drips.




Though now I know what caused the leaking in the first place. That’s coz the house above mine had a plumber installing pipes or whatever mechanical things involved (how should I know about toilets) so the flush would work.


Oh another info on Raghuram Regency. You know, in case you’re considering on moving in,  you might as well know the reality of it.


The flush doesn’t work. Not because it’s broken or anything but the owner really didn’t install the pipes to make it work. He said it would cause some kindda problem sorry I couldn’t recall what it was my brain cells are dying already.


And he turned out to be right! Shocking huh? That he could actually be right on something I mean.


Eh he doesn’t read blogs right? The next thing I know I’m thrown outta the building with nowhere to live T__T  Pandai pun takut.


Anyway back to my toilet. So it’s all the house above punya pasal. Although they did apologize…..but still! It’s not their toilet that’s leaking!


Maybe I could decorate my toilet with brightly printed umbrellas? At least it would look chic. Apart from the fungus thingy.