As the years go on, surely, there would be the yearning for the days of the past.


The high school days.


Having to wake up at 5.30 am to prepare for school, sneezing abundantly each morning from the lack of sleep.

Arriving at school just as the bell rang and running across the hallways in a pointless effort to carry out my prefect duties on time.

Sitting in class listening to the teachers droned on and on, eyes fixed on the clock and heads turned whenever someone passed by.

Excusing myself early and being late for classes, using my prefect duties as excuses.

Bunking school events and hanging out at the tong taik.

The endless talking, cracking jokes and playing mischievous pranks.

Having to wear those wretched uniforms (don’t they know white is very hard to maintain??).


And there were the friends. Comrades. Devils in the making. Pals in crimes.


Friends that are still as familiar as my own palms. Friends I barely talk to. And frankly, friends I’m now unsure of their existence.


And surely, whenever I think of those days, I would get mixed feelings.


4 years has it been.

Looking back, the simplicity of it all seems to be heavily surrounded by sham.


Often I wonder. 4 years ago, did we see what’s coming? Among the layers of joys and giggling, did we ever anticipate the unsung? The paths that laid for each one of us?


Those were our resplendent teenage days.



I miss those days. I miss my friends.