I’ve been hearing craps on my homeland almost all my life.


Most of the time, I just put up with the sneers and jeering. Most of the time, I answered with sarcasm enough to shut them up.


For I don’t believe wasting my words talking to intellectually challenged people.


But today, let me tell you something.


I am a Sarawakian. My hometown is Miri, Sarawak. I was born in Sarawak, raised in Sarawak and have lived in Sarawak for as long as I could remember.


I may not be that good in Bahasa Sarawak. I might not have tried/liked most of the Sarawak cuisines.  I may get lost all the time in my own hometown.


But you know what?


I’m a Sarawakian through and through. And I’m proud as hell to be able to call myself one.


Contrary to popular belief that we Sarawakians live on trees and in caves, that we hunt for a scrap of food and that we don’t even know the existence of electricity,


This is Miri:




miri at nite


marina path





Miri Airport. Oh they keep the rafts at the back. You know since we don’t have airplanes.



Did I ever mention Miri is a Resort CITY? We have such lovely trees and caves *sighs*



Curtin University of Technology. You see those trees there? That’s where Sarawakians are educated. No, not the buildings you baka!



I’m not the one who doesn’t know the existence of Miu Miu and Salvatore Ferragamo.

I’m not the one who couldn’t differentiate between beige and cream.

I’m not the one with the broken English and scattered grammar.

I’m not the one who simpered and stuttered in front of an audience.


And yet, I’m the uncivilized one. What makes you then?


Try googling Borneo and see how many results you get. Try googling Rumah Panjang and tell me they don’t have Astro and Hondas.


But of course, you wouldn’t. Or else you wouldn’t be flushing reading this. Probably having palpitations too. Good for you.


There are so many more I could say on Sarawak. But hey, like I said, I don’t waste my time on intellectually challenged people.


I don’t bite often. But when I do, it’s fatal.

Know that before you find faults with me.