Before I start,




Don’t you think Kozac and Syafiq sound totally different?

Or is it just me?


So why do I have people asking me,

“Your name is Nurisa right? Why do people call you Nisa? Shouldn’t it be Risa?”


Sukahati lah what my nickname is! I never questioned yours, why you kepoh-kepoh questioned mine!

There was even this one girl who refused to call me Nisa because she was adamant it should be Risa and that’s how she addressed me for one whole year.


I’m a Nisa through and through ok!

Call me Risa and you will die a thousand deaths!!!



What was the topic again?

Oh yes. Operation Kozac. Another birthday celebrated.

Except this time everything’s home made!


Mimi and I went to Mantri Square after clinical theory classes to get the ingredients.



This is her. She is very weird.

She went, “Eh Nisa Nisa take my picture.”

But when I took out my digicam she acted all surprised;

“You actually brought your cam!”

Coz I know how it’s like with you lah!




This is Mimi at the supermarket, paying for our stuff.

Now, the reason for this picture is:


MIMI: Nisa let’s go to Mantri. I wanna check out SPA.

NISA: Of all the shops there you wanna check out the supermarket?

*skeptical look*

MIMI: Eh biarlah!

I tell you ah she could hang out at the supermarket all day T_T



We went home. We cooked.

Between the 2 of us, we managed to came up with these in 4 hours:



Everything about these were, of course, instant 🙂

Ready made muffins with ready made icing (wth buat icing pun malas). The only thing we did was coloured them in different shades and arranged GEM chocs on top.

Nvm it’s the looks that counts.



Um, it was supposed to spell HAPPY BDAY.

And the horrendous orange muffin with green GEMS at the very bottom was supposed to be a smiley.

Like this :)  geddit?

But now I think it looks kindda scary.

I was never good at art *sighs*








Plus garlic bread and mushroom soup. I forgot to take the pics 😦

The concept  of the meal was my favourite of all time; simple but delicious.

*keyword: simple










I give my permission to anyone who wants to use this as their wallpaper.




It was actually us and Syafiq’s housemates but there aren’t much pictures since everyone was busy

1) Gossiping

2) Browsing online stuff

3) Watching England VS Algeria (not that I joined)

4) Reading Vogue

5) Writing letters of complains to Dr.S (now this was me).



It’s really fun hanging out with just us 🙂