Oh one last thing before I go to bed. Upon Ayam’s request. Ehem.


2 days back I wore this skirt to class.




It’s one of those really flared skirts. The kind yang kalau naik tangga sure terpijak.

It indicates hari malas meng-iron.


Anyway. Upon wearing it, Ayam commented.


AYAM: Colourful nye skirt you.

NISA: Kan macam pelangi kan.

AYAM: Aah you memang macam pelangi. Only visible under certain conditions.


When I heard that, I ROFL! Ok lah, not to that extend but near enough.


Because it’s so true!!!! I do only appear at certain times. Especially if we’re talking about events or anything involving a lot of people.


Um, at least I hope that’s what she meant.


Er, is it?