I woke up today with a sour mood and my spirits down the drain.


It’s safe to say that all the viva/seminar/continuous assessment had gotten to me.

To the point that I felt sick of reading and memorising.


Predictably, I was fuming all day.


To top it all, a person had the nerve to say this to me:

Siapa dah prepare untuk seminar medicine? Aku tak prepare lagi. Nisa ko present lah hari ni. Ko kan selalu prepare awal.


Usually I would just ignore that person.

Today I was annoyed enough to snap back.


Wth man.

Not only did we (me and one other person) took all the bullets during the first class of medicine posting when everyone else was absent, covered for them and informed them of what to be done,




Then what’s the point of reminding everyone to prepare for medicine seminar the day before?? You’re the only one who has to study for continuous assessment is it??


That person is also the one who keeps saying:

Nisa ko lah present history taking hari ni. Ko kan hebat ambil history.


Annoyed. the. hell. outta. me.


Kalau dah 8 bulan amek history taking pun tak lepas-lepas then what the heck are you doing here.


Just now when the patient we examined asked us to remove her IV drip so she could go to the toilet, we called a nurse since we had no authorization to do so.

(and also because we’re confused since in Malaysia the patients usually bring the IV drip with them wherever they go instead of having it removed)


And you know what the nurse said?


“ There are so many doctors around. Why do you call me?” in this very rude tone.


Uhuh. You want us to call one of the doctors to do a petty job like that? That’s why they have nurses my dear.


You don’t wanna do things like that then study harder and be a doctor lah! Then no one could look down on you and say you’re not doing your job.


You know what, I am very capable of killing someone right now.