I have a headache od. From too much reading mugging up.


Microbiology is so dry 😦

Today I read, tomorrow I forget.



And on top of microb test tomorrow, I have pharmaco seminar as well.

See if I care.


And thus, here I am. Hola!


Fake enthusiasm isn’t working this time. Haih.


Only 4 people turned up for posting today. Pak Cik driver bus pun tepuk dahi.

2 for OBG, 2 for medicine (me included; I’m so skema lah  what to do am actually saving it for some other day).


Excellent. I like it that way. Exactly the reason I went in the first place.

If hari-hari like that confirm I tak ponteng langsung.

Um, you know. Probably.


Less people = better

Applicable in all situations. How do you think billionaires exist??

Obviously takde kena mengena. Who asked you to read that one.



So here I stop before I ramble on and on.

And also because I need to stop finding excuses not to study.




When you’re bored, do as you’re bored.


Silakan buat kerja merepek.