Because the weather’s been windy and chilly lately, waking up in the morning becomes more difficult T___T


Tapi mengenangkan I had an exam today, I forced myself to go to class. Kalau tak sah-sah ponteng.


Yeah well, ponteng kelas is an art. I say so.



Wind blow blow


One advantage is that I was able to don on one of my long-time-no-wear jackets/blazers/blazer yang I buat jacket ^_^




After enduring 4 hours of copying lecture notes (letak this one first so my mum tak bising) + solving sudoku + reading story book + mengunyah junk food + membesarkan mata tahan mengantuk in class, the eat eat batch began!








Take one. Zi bersumo yah.



Take 2.



Take 3



Mira so good berkemas. Anak dara 2 orang sebelah tak boleh harap. Erm, well, 3 if you wanna include me *coughs*





Posing ayu MJ. Serious this is her posing ayu. Ke-ayu-ness very minimal eh.










Oh oh today I rode on a scooter for the first time ever!

Ok, the second time actually but the first time tak kira! Because Sya brought me to SMK Luak which was only 5 minutes away from her house and there was no traffic so tak kira ok!


I originally wanted to go back with adik Belon (hahaha serious that’s her nickname) but Balqis forced me to ride with Zi!

Because she was wearing baju kurung and I was wearing jeans….


NISA: Nanti aku jatuh pastu guling-guling kat jalan pastu aku mati camne??


Boleh je balik sekali naik auto but I then I thought it would be exciting teehee. Though I knew my parents would have a fit if they found out about it.


My mum said:

Naik motor senang accident mati awal.

Naik bus later kena culik.

Naik taxi pun kena culik.




But omg it was FUN! I wanna do it again! No wonder Mimi wanted to learn how to ride a scooter!


I told my parents on the phone just now and they weren’t hysterical. At least not until I told them I didn’t wear a helmet.


“Why didn’t you wear a helmet??? Go buy one!”

“Helmet mahal. I’m a poor student. I’m broke. ”

“How much is it? We’ll send you the money. Or post one to you from here.”


Even after 20 years my parents still fall for my dramatic ways haha so funny la them.