To begin with, I have Pediatric end of posting exam tomorrow.




Oh I never mentioned which department I’m currently posted at eh? Well, there you go; Pediatric (dah nak habis baru bagi tahu wth).


I wouldn’t say it’s totally boring. Pediatric certainly has taught me a lot. Like not to be a pediatrician in the future.

That’s a definite knowledge I’m not gonna be able to get anywhere else.



It’s not like I can choose what to study and what not. So I’m trying my best to put up with everything thrown onto my face diligently.



The one thing that made me felt nauseated in these 2 weeks of peds posting was when we had to take the history taking of a one-year old baby*.


*Last week MJ looked up in her dictionary the meaning of baby (immature, childish) and she immediately pointed at me; “Ahah! That’s you! Immature and childish! You’re a baby!” T____T


That must had been the worst ward I’ve ever been in. And I thought I’ve seen the worst 😐

With 6 patients, the ward was small and cramped with all the windows shut and the ceiling fan (there was only one) switched off. And when I said it made me felt nauseated, I meant it literally. There was a really unpleasant odour in the air.

To think it’s supposed to be a pediatric ward.


My God. I know the hygiene level here isn’t up to the notch but I thought the doctors and nurses knew better.


Apparently not.


And the baby’s nails were long and filled with dirt! But the mother’s were short and clean! What is wrong with these people?? So kesian that baby 😦



Pediatric end of posting exam isn’t what I’m worrying about at this moment.

My posting batch planned to do a makan-makan tomorrow afternoon at the hospital. Coz we have a 2-hour gap between clinical theory classes and clinical posting on Friday.


Having watched this video on YouTube, I confidently volunteered to bring chocolate brownies. Even though I never tried making it before.



Like I said, the video made it looked very simple.


Very simple my foot.



This was my first attempt. It was crumbly and tasted too bitter. But my housemates said it tasted like biskut Raya.


I always suspected something’s wrong with their taste buds.




My second attempt wasn’t much better. I tried to modify the mixture by adding milk and some stuff to sweeten it but……


It tasted like sand T__T



That’s it.


I’m bringing soda tomorrow.