I still remember what my mum asked me before she send me off to the airport 2 months ago:


MUM: Do you want me to feel sad at the airport later?

ME: WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT??? You don’t ask that kindda question to people!

MUM: Eh seriously do you want me to feel sad onot?

ME: *smiled weakly* no need.

MUM: Ok I won’t then.



And I still remember our conversation on the phone months before that:

ME: Mum, erm, don’t you think you’re immature compared to other mums?

MUM: Hmmm, how’s that?

ME: You know, like, more mum-ly.

MUM: Oh nevermind. You don’t have to act your age.




Or that time during her birthday:

MUM: Eh how come you’re the only one who didn’t give me any present?

ME: It’s the thought that counts! Besides, I’m FAR.

MUM: There’s no such thing. I want a present.

ME: *sighs* Okay what do you want?

MUM: Um let me think first. I’ll tell you later.



That’s my mum. Sometimes I think I’m wiser than her. Sometimes it feels as if she’s the child and I’m the mother. Sometimes – OMG she sounds like me!

Or is it me that sounds like her??



And yet.



11th March 2008

I want my Mum 😦


I know I sound like a kid but I WANT MY MUM. The last time I talked to her was this morning when she’s at the airport waiting to board the plane to Kuching. And that was only for, what? 30 seconds?


Dad called just now and it felt weird telling what I did today to him. It felt weird not talking to her, telling her what I did today, where I went, what I ate etc. Normally when my parents call, I talk to Mum for 30 minutes and 20 seconds to Dad.


When Dad called, I was hoping I could talk to Mum but she was still unconscious. The operation went on for 6 hours; from 3 pm to 9 pm. I really hope she’s coping fine and will get well soon. I hope nothing goes wrong. Ameen.






At the end of the day, I am the child. She’s the mother.





Meow’s paws (foot note lah that one pun hard to figure out issit??): Because she complained I didn’t write anything on my blog wishing her Happy Mother’s Day. Ok I know that was weeks ago and sekarang dah basi but I hate doing what 5 million other people do. That’s just me, I couldn’t help it.