Buang tabiat and called my elder bro just now. But he’s at his lecturer’s house and so I couldn’t pester him.

The other bro’s not picking up his phone. Gosh so bored.


When my dad told me that my bro had passed his 3rd professional exam (he’s doing dentistry, UIA), the first thing I thought was,


“Cheh. What has it gotta do with me.”


I have a very rotten heart. It’s definite.


But I guess, it’s been like that all along. What do you call it?

Ahhh, siblings rivalry.


Only I think  I’m the only one who dislikes him and he doesn’t dislike me. Like I said, my heart is rotting away.


But how could I not?


I’ve been compared with him every step of my way. How could my heart not be rotten?


That’s what happened when we entered the same kindergarten, primary school and secondary school. And now happened to be taking kindda similar courses.

Come to think of it, ALL my siblings entered the same schools all the way till high school.


And the 3 who’d left all ended doing medicine/dentistry. Wth. Who needs so many doctors in a family?

Shouldda taken MBA.


If you wanna do so, switch places with me.


There are days when I just couldn’t stand the sight of him.

Him and his distinctions and dean’s list results. And non-existent temper.

Me and my average grades. And exaggerated temper.


I’m the rebel child. He’s the model child. The difference.


But he’s fun to hang out with during the rare moments he doesn’t taunt me of my results. Ehem.

*Keyword: rare



Them with my Achik. Congrats bro.


I am so being so nice to him here it brings tears to my eyes *sniff*