Today I woke up at 9.30 am.


Waking up at 9.30 am on a Wednesday meant I OVERSLEPT. But it’s ok. What’s not ok about missing class?



Mimi and her housemates have moved here to Raghuram! Yayyyyyy. Now I have more houses to play at.


I always use the word play as it sounds better than hanging out. Hanging out means wasting time. Playing on the other hand is healthy.


“Jom pergi main.” sounds better than, “Let’s hang out.”

Rite rite rite?


Talking about Raghuram, last night I kena marah with the owner (Insert curse words).

I went down because the shoe and TV racks we ordered had arrived.

Our dear Mr. R happened to be there (insert curse words summore).

And I tak tahu lah what it had gotta do with him that he started bising-bising.


You see, the tuan punya kedai was so smart, he send only one person to deliver the furniture.

Hello, how could one person carried them to the second floor alone?

You know what dear Mr. R said?


“You should have made it specific to the shop that he should send 2-3 people to carry the furniture. See what trouble you have caused him??”


Dah bagi alamat 20*, obviously it’s on the second floor. Obviously needed more that one person to carry the furniture. We never had this kindda problem before because the previous shop owners were smart enough to figure that out by themselves.




Emo terlebih. PMS what.

Oh wait. I know.

Must be all those Malaysian students raging against him night and day.

Well served him right.


He forced them to move out from their previous houses immediately without offering any reason (from Block A to B. I’m already in block B so my house tak kena), blackmailed to kick them out if they didn’t agree, breached the contracts, but refused to meet all their demands.

And expected them to obey meekly and not put up a fight?


In what world does he live in?


There must be a reason why he’s so adamant in splitting the locals and us Malaysians. But he’s not telling. Either that or he’s just a jerk.


Oh my mistake. He is a jerk regardless of the reason.


That’s the problem with them rich people here. They think they’re God.


Are there any nice people here in India? You know except our lecturers (excluding the management) and that uncle who owns the leather shop in CS? And probably Bashir too?


P.S: I really hate it if people copied my way of writing. Especially if ayat sebijik sama. Sila elakkan.