And again I’m pondering on a Sunday night.


Sunday night means esok sekolah.

And no, there aren’t any immediate holidays. Trust me on that, I’ve checked the uni’s calender twice.

No miracle happening so far.



I think I’ve broken some sortta record in my Book of Life this weekend. Simply by spending almost 24/7 in my room.

And now it’s doing my head in.


Which is why I didn’t complain about classes starting again tomorrow. At least I get to go outta the house.

And get to do things aside from staring at my laptop and sleep.


The cough syrup really knocked me off. I woke up past noon on both days.

And I think I’ve watched enough Korean dramas to last me a lifetime. I’m not usually a fan but well…beggars can’t be choosers.



That day I watched A Moment To Remember, a korean movie released in 2004. Because some guys in my class said they cried watching it.

Must had been one touching movie huh?


So I watched. And watched. And watched. And thought,

“Ok maybe I haven’t gotten to the sad part yet.”

And then the screen roll came on. THE END.




When I told that to my friend the next day, guess what he said?

“Hati ko dah mati. Banyakkan baca Al-Quran dan minum air zam-zam.”






Even if my hati mati, I would think I’m still able to differentiate between a boring movie and a sad one.


Some people are way too emotional. That’s what I think.