I’ve been having stomach ache all day long. Hmm wonder why.


Anyway! Today was a perfect ending to this horrible mood-swing week. Ok lah, week days. I refuse to be grumpy for the weekend! Hmmph!


That’s coz we only had 2.5 hours of lecture instead of the usual 4!

It doesn’t take much to make me excited does it? Heh. You try lah sit for 4 hours of lecture straight then tell me it’s not torturing!


Surprisingly no doctor turned up for the 3rd class (YAY!). So……..


MJ pergi pasang movie hantu cina from the 90s =____=”

Well. The laptop was there. And the projector was already switched on. Might as well used them…..



Tengok! Everyone was in full concentration they were sitting up straight. I assure you, you would never see this during lectures.


A truly amazing sight.


I love chinese ghost movies. Used to watch them a lot during childhood (cerita cina and power rangers). So funny lah. Where else can you find hantu pocong?


ENT cycle has ended 😦 What’s after this? Medicine? Surgery? Dunno *sour face*


Sprinkled Johnson Johnson powder all over S today. Coz she was wearing all black 😉


How I miss doing pranks! Now everyone so mature already cannot do that often anymore 😦


Ok tired od nite!