It’s the time of the year again.

The time of sore throat, running nose and terrible headaches.

But those are not what make my inside churned.

It’s the thought of having to take the meds  *grimaced*


You would think by now some doctor somewhere would have created a substitute for panadol. Preferably much smaller in size, sweet in taste and capsulated.

Or am I a little behind the current on goings?


I have a paranoia. And that is panadol-phobia.

Well make it everygigantictabletswithbittertaste-phobia. Ever heard of it?


I’ve had it for 7 years now. And I know it’s about time I get rid of it.


I can’t.

I know I haven’t tried hard enough but I don’t think I would want to do that.


Because whenever I tried popping a tablet or two, it’d always end up with me barfing down the toilet.

So you see, these meds don’t make me feel better. They make me sicker.


What amused me is my mum keeps bombarding me with meds, meds and meds whenever I come home. Even though she knows I rarely take them =____=”



Hah amek ko my medicine stock.

For fever, for flu, pain killers, strepsils/difflam, for diarrhea (this one paling banyak macam-macam jenis ada), antibiotics, for nasal block, for dental ulcers, athlete’s foot etc.

I think those pretty much cover the basics.



Panadol yang I buat collection.


I know it’s all just in my head.

But dude, it’s not called phobia for no reason.

So for now I’m gonna battle this sickness with clarinase and my pure conscience.


P.S: Yesterday I washed my bed sheet and hung it on the balcony. Hari ni balik sekolah bed sheet merah hitam cream petak-petak Portico New York dah hilang T__T