The door bangs continuously because of the strong wind and I’m too lazy to shut it properly.


So yes door, please continue.


Can I say this is the perfect weather among all?  *smiling so widely my jaw aches*




Ok quoting my ENT lecturer,


You know in Bangalore here after summer, when the first rain comes, all the grass and weeds released their spores into the air excessively. And their spores are more prone to cause allergies than flowers’.

So people tend to get allergies now more than any other time.

This is known as the allergy month.



As it is, a lot of people are having fever/cold. Jangkit I siap.


Oh I’m currently watching (erm, hello, shouldn’t it be studying?)




and omg I love it so much!


The only question I’m asking myself now is,

“Why did I sign up for medicine in the first place again?”


Because now I so wanna be a lawyer 😦


Tak pasal. Macam budak kecik semua benda nak. Dah blah lah you pergi study.