Who here has watched the japanese drama Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)?


You know the one thing that had my full attention when I watched it?


The cream puffs. Seriously.

Anything pastry, I love with my heart and soul.  All I could think of when I watched it was,


“If only I worked on the set…..surely I could have one. I just want one.”

While salivating of course.

Because of the crust! Kan usually cream puffs are like soft. But the ones in the drama looked sooooooo crusty! Urgh!


So after 4 months of delaying, last night Naned and I decided to bake them ourselves. Or attempted to.


How could I show off without pictures? Duh.






They look so gemok gemok so cute






Look! They become so crusty!!!!!! So happy! And delicious too 😉



The dough and the cream had to be done separately. But still easy lah.

At first I was kindda skeptical because….how could milk, butter, water, flour and eggs and sugar could turn into cream?


But they did!


Baking is magical.


Except for the part where I have to wait 40 minutes for the dough to bake.


And when Naned and I wanted to buy a syringe so we could inject the cream into the puffs but the pharmacy dah tutup. It was only 9 pm what!


But you know. Other than those, everything was purely magical 😉