Already it’s Sunday night. I’m writing this before going to bed. Bosan pfft.


Why can’t it be Friday after Sunday? Why does it have to be Monday?



Ok don’t answer that.

Even if it is Friday after Sunday, they’ll still make us go to school anyway. By they I meant them academic creeps.

*lets out a big BIG sigh*


We had talentime today! Wait lemme steal the poster from someone else’s blog.


Ok done. Stole it from Hazimah’s blog.


No pictures as snapping pictures weren’t allowed.


Ok I lied.


No pictures because……………


I didn’t go.


Eh I totally did intend to go ok! So fine I woke up at 11 am and all my housemates had left but I was all in the “Better late than never!” spirit.

Because a lot of my friends were participating so I wanted to cheer for them lah. But as I was getting dressed, something came up.

Cannot tell you what it’s a secret you have to kill me first.


But like people say, it’s the thought that counts.


Wth last year’s Ladies’ night oso I didn’t go. That was purely outta of my anti social-ness. So that’s different.


I’ll make sure I’ll attend the next girls’ event!!!

Hopefully *coughs*



Ok I have nothing else to write now. Buhbye! Have a boring Monday (coz I know mine will be)!