And now I sit and blog.


I feel as if I’ve aged 10 years in a week.


Penat  penat  penat.


I even slept during lectures 2 days in a row 😦 And nowadays I prefer being a potato couch rather than going out.

If the former didn’t seem out of ordinary, the later sure did make up for it.


Now there are continuous assessment for ALL practicals (ok except microb but that won’t be long) wth. To think I used to feel at awe with people who have test once a week. Pfft.



Oh yeah the night before I attended the manifesto for  IMSA (International Medical School dunno-wat-A-stands-for). Basically it’s our student council.

So…..I bermanifesto sekali.

It was one crazy moment. Heck I think I was crazy for joining. God knows what made me do it.

But I did. So so so,

Tak vote for me siap ah 😛



And last but not least, my blog won’t be complete without me complaining! Although I already did that…. eh sukahati lah.


I was talking with A, saying my concern for B. And A said,

“That’s why I don’t really hang out with her anymore. Coz she’s like that.”



Such ridiculousness still exists.


I was talking about a friend ok. A FRIEND. Not some stranger tepi jalan yang dye rambut kaler pink.


News flash: You don’t ditch your friends.

At least not before you advise and try to correct her ways. That’s common sense. You don’t ditch a friend just because she happens to be different from you.


Because if I were the one in the wrong, then I would wanna be corrected for that. It might feel as if the lightning has struck me down, but once I sit and digest it. And think. And if I feel that person is right, then I’ll try to change.

It’s a 1,2,3 process. Simple.


Be right. And let others be right as well. Don’t be right, and watch those around you be wrong.


So before you actually try, don’t even think of walking away.

You’re activating a self-destruct bomb. And you only have yourself to blame for it.