Finally! It’s Saturday!

(wanted to say Friday coz that’s my fav day of the week but then that was yesterday siapa suruh no mood to blog lately hah)


I slept at 2 am and woke up at 6.30 am this morning. I’m such an early bird la what to do.

Pfft. Don’t be fooled. It’s posting day.


I think I had a blast during ENT posting just now. I know the words blast and posting don’t fit somehow but in this case, they do >_<

Ophthal and ENT are a lot more interesting compared to Medicine. Or Pediatric *cringed at the thought*




Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this.

Budak Kecik Gemok fell from the balcony in the early hours of the morning. I think around…2 am?


I was asleep sorry, and no one woke me up. Bangun bangun and found that out from my housemates.


Our houses are on the second floor. Which is actually equal to the 3rd floor. Wait wait I think I have a picture to depict the height somewhere.





Anyway. She’s alive and kicking. Ok la not so much kicking coz she hurt her legs.

I AM NOT SAYING THAT IN A DISAPPOINTING TONE OK. I’m not that cruel. Deep deep deep very very very very deep inside I’m actually a nice person.


My housemates said she was bleeding from the mouth. I thought it was hemoptysis (which was why I panicked) Rupa-rupanya one of her teeth broke  T__T


Cheh wasted my emotion only.


And she was limping. But limping2 pun when they went down to get her she still had the nerve to run away!!




Brought her to the vet. No fractures, no broken bones. Just a broken tooth and pained legs.


In this year alone, 3 cats (all my budak batch punya cats) fell off the balcony. 2 died, one was traumatised.

See I told you trend’s a big thing here. Even cats followed the trend of jumping off the balcony ok.


Thankfully she didn’t die if not it’d be a waste of INR 15,000. Because as annoying as she is, I’ve kindda gotten used to her snobbish ways.

And if she’s dead I’d have no cat to bully anymore 😦 And no cat to kutuk-kutuk in my blog anymore 😦

Imagine that.




Aite punyalah panjang I membebel about BKG.

So after posting I met up with my housemates at The Only Place to celebrate Kina’s birthday (which was actually last Monday).


The last time I’d been there was last December when my family came and OMG the services managed to magnificently deteriorate from 86% to 19% (sukahati bagi percentage).

It’s actually one of my fav restaurants coz the steaks and burgers are awesome + the prices are reasonable.


It took us more than 30 minutes to get our orders taken. That, I could forgive. But when I wanted to change tables because there were a lot of flies, and they didn’t allow it, I just snapped.

I have 40% lesser patience towards flies compared to normal people. You can ask my maid. They drive me crazy. And she said I was crazy coz I would usually run amok because of flies.


And how could a restaurant has that many flies?? A lot of foreigners frequent there for God’s sake. The least they could do is to maintain the hygiene. Do they really expect customers to eat with flies around?? *shudders*


AND WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD HYGIENE AND FOOD SANITATION WE LEARNED IN COMMED?? Konon-konon lah commed is big in India (you don’t believe me you go google community medicine and see which country is at the top of the results)


Ok lah dah penat membebel.



This is Wawa and Kina.



This is Kina and Balbal.



This is Kina and Farah.



This is Kina and me.


By now you guys should know which one is Kina right? 😉









All of them – buat-buat candid pfft


Ok that’s all bye bye.