I’m constantly glancing through the open balcony doors, up towards the clear blue sky, wondering when it will rain.


I like it when it rains. When I’m inside a building 🙂


Lately I’ve been anticipating them a lot more. Those clumps of dark clouds. I envy them. I envy them for being able to pour rain whenever they want.

I wish I could. Too.

But it’s hard now. My control over my emotions has been perfected after all these years =)


So when I feel the need to cry, I usually watch sad, depressing movies. It’s either that or if I failed my papers/ get bad grades.


I prefer the former much more thank you very much. The feeling of stupidity is hurtful T__T


I’ve been feeling crappy lately. Which explains the infrequent posts.


I usually avoid writing emo stuff. Because they’re not easily expressed nor digested. And I dislike people knowing how I feel.


A laughing/complaining me, I can show. The opposites, I prefer to leave them in the dark.


So when I’m not my usual bubbly self complaining on random stuff, I just don’t write. Simple.


Sharing this song just coz I think it’s amazing. One of my fav bands ever 🙂



Qish once asked me,


“Who do you reckon has the most manly voice?”


“Jared Leto. 30S2M.”