Why do I feel there’s so much to read for Patho practical?



A short break *assignment opthal to be hand in tomorrow belum sentuh pun lagi*


Just now I accidentally stepped on one of Budak Kecik Gemok’s paws. ACCIDENTALLY ok  *defensive mode*


I was talking to A’in how should I realise she menyibuk stood next to me. Short and fat some more.



To be packed and send to the North Pole. If the package failed to reach its destination, it’s strictly not returnable.


She went, “meowwwwwwwwwww!” and ran away immediately.


Ok, I admit. For a moment there I kindda panicked. What if her leg fractured or something??


Now I owe her a packet of whiskers. Fish flavour  T____T


It’s not a mystery why she doesn’t live with me. Humph.