Picture this;

A tortoise. Wearing 5-inch high heels. Walking on the beach.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the speed of the internet at my house at present.


I have to wait for YouTube and Viikii to load. Stress T___T

Nvm after com med test am gonna call pak cik AirTel and get the speed upgraded to 1Gb.



What’s the deal with everyone wanting to be thin nowadays???

See I’m so good straight to the point no belok-belok.



First there was Lipo 6.




It started with some guy in our batch taking it and losing 6kgs in just a week. Of course, he worked out as well. Dunno lah true or not.


But 6 kgs in a week!! That’s mind-blowing! Even Beyonce took 2 weeks to loss 9 kgs for her role in Dream Girls! And that’s with drinking only plain water with lime.

As with everything here (please note my sarcastic tone), naturally after that a lot of people followed suit.


There’s been a lot of rumours about it and I do believe some of it is true. No product that effective would be without any side effect. I googled, and chest pains and headaches are among them just to name a few.



There. I’m so nice I’m giving you a link.

And oh, one more thing; the product only released 5 years back in 2005. I would say we’ll have to give it more time to see the long-term effects, don’t you think so?


I wouldn’t recommend it but you don’t have to take my words for it. Make your own judgment.

It’s your life *shrugs*


The current craze now however is Herbalife.




Now as we all know, Herbalife uses only natural ingredients. And so I’m quite confident in it. Plus it was founded way back in 1980.


But my focus here isn’t on slimming products. Maaf my mukadimah agak panjang 😉


My focus is on girls trying to shed off those extra pounds by taking slimming products. Where’s the need? I mean, most of these girls aren’t even obese. They’re just a bit chubby.

I’m a bit chubby. And I don’t care. Not enough to restrain myself from eating just to drink some healthy shake instead anyway.


And, ok lah, maybe I do understand the part of wanting to be thin. But I don’t understand why some people would wanna put their health at stake just to be thin.


Couldn’t one be thin and healthy? Isn’t that more important? Being fit, I mean. Instead of just being a stick and having an asthma attack after climbing up two flights of stairs.

But most of these people wanting to lose weight don’t even have the effort to exercise!


Short cuts are still the favourite I guess.


In a nutshell (remember last time in high school buat English essay must used this for the conclusion?) at the end of the day I still have to respect people’s decisions.


Oh well.