Lately I feel…………lost?

Lost as to who I am. And what I am.


I’ve felt this a million times, and I’ve felt as if I’ve found myself a million times before. But there will always be the 1000 001st time. And then I have to start all over again.


How can you found who you are, what you’re made of and feel lost yet again?

Maybe that’s why people say there’ll always be room for improvement. For now what I have may be enough, but it’s not necessarily sufficient for tomorrow.

And because of that, I will never stop searching.


You know how people sometimes say,

“I tak suka lah orang macam tu. Narrow minded sangat.”


“Tolonglah. Ni dah 21st century kot. Ada ke orang buat benda tu lagi?”

whenever they see those who are more pious than the others? Those who restrict themselves in line of their faith?


Stuff your Hush Puppies into your own mouth and shut up, thank you.


Come on lah, even I can think logically. 


There’s no such thing as this being the 21st century or being open-minded and what not regardless in any religion whatsoever


How is it possible that the rules subjected for more than a thousand years ago, followed by billions of people living in the numerous centuries, are suddenly bendable?


It was once wrong, and now it’s suddenly right? Suddenly the taboos are acceptable?

Why? Because we’re in the 21st century?

What has it got to do with anything? God change His mind in the 21st century is it?


A is A and B is B. Black is black as white is white.


True, there are some allowances permitted but the foundations are still there. There’s no such thing as it changing completely with time and people’s acceptance.


That’s not religion. That’s fashion.

That’s your excuse in the name of religion.



As I need to rewrite my definition of pious.

My definition of good enough.

My definition of  faith.

My definition of what makes me.


Let’s rewrite. It’s never too late.