It’s raining. Again.

It’s been raining almost every evening lately. Hello monsoon 🙂


Twice there’s been freezing rain. Hujan batu lah if you wanna translate it to BM. Odd as the day was blindingly hot. Global warming?


I hate rain. I dislike it when the day’s gloomy and wet. But this makes a nice change. As long as I’m inside a building and not outside battling with the storm 😛


Clinical posting today was brief. We started at 8.30 am and ended at 9.45 am. Dr. Suka Bagi Balik Awal (I have trouble remembering people’s name =___=” ) usually taught us theoretically and asked us to take the patient’s history taking and then we’re free to go.


So off we went to the bus and waited for the ENT batch. Only that they didn’t appear. Which was odd because we knew they had finished.


Turned out the hospital’s administrator (Nisha lah siapa lagi. I do think my name is nicer, thank you) asked them to stay back as it was too early to go back.

“Discuss about your assignment.”

“But we don’t have any assignment.”

“Nevermind just discuss about it.”


Hueh. Boleh tak? 

So they discussed about the non-existing assignment for 10 minutes and then cabut lari.


And then she called pak cik driver bus T__T And pak cik driver bus said she wanted us to stay for another 15 minutes.


Precious ok 15 minutes! Makan 2 bowls of KokoCrunch pun dah habis dah!

Like this after this I wanna learn how to drive a bus lah.



I just don’t understand the point of keeping us there when the doctors themselves had left. And that we couldn’t leave because it was too early.


Dah habis, balik lah. Why make life so complicated?