Let us think about it for a moment.

4 months from now, it’ll be my birthday!! What’s more exciting??? *mode tak tahu malu*


I can’t believe Dr. Epidemiology (ok la his name is actually Dr. Shantaram) let us out early today! Only one hour of commed woohoo!!


I swear if I have to hear the word epidemiology once more I’m gonna kill myself. And all those calculations! Ok lah they’re actually simple math but I tell you, I don’t even know how to time manually now. How to use the calculator oso forget already T__T


I’m supposed to join Mimi and the girls for dim sum tonight but….it’s a school night. I know that sounded so skema wth but really bah!


And I really wanna eat dim sum, it’s been 2 weeks since I last ate them 😦 *parents sila bersimpati* but there’re practical exams next week. And commed exam next next week. And I have to catch up on the lectures some more last weekened gedik pergi tengok all sorts of movies and dramas padan muka


I know my handwriting’s really ugly shut up now



Wait lemme think what I know about commed after taking the subject for the past 7 months. There must be something I know.


Hmmm….well, I remember a bit about noise and water pollution. And the water tank thingy. And the hospital rubbish thingy. And the milk thingy. All oso remember because of the field trips =____=”


The rest of it I’m pretty sure I was sound asleep in the lecture hall. Haih.

Now Dr. Epidemiology sibuk bagi assignment la pulak. So urgent cannot wait until after exam is it??



This book beli from the end of last year tak pernah bukak =____=”

Dangerous ok! If I accidentally threw it or something, someone could die!


I love commed

I love commed

I love commed

I love commed

I love commed


So there! Toodles!


P/S: A cricket stadium near  MG Road has been bombed the day before during a cricket match I think. Can pulak got I think right. Eh you go google sendiri lah. No one died. Just a few injured people.

Wth dengar kena bomb pun dah takde perasaan.

Ironically, I heard it from my mum. Who’s in Malaysia. I’m only 30 minutes from the stadium and I knew nothing. Hueh. Ignorant punya manusia =___=”