There’s no electricity, I can understand.

What I don’t understand is how come there’s no water??

Or maybe it’s only Raghuram Regency (it is only RR I just called Mimi and her house has water) but still!! Water tank so big still no water ah?



Nak kata tak bayar bil air, the water here is free. Beats me why. But at least that’s one bill less to pay. No complains there.

Before I came to India I thought water would be hard to come by. But then I thought the weather would be dry and humid all year round too. 

Tu lah, ada Google didn’t wanna use.


Anyway back to the topic, now all my activities are affected. I woke up with high spirits to study. Ok maybe not that high. Maybe 5% of high spirits; how low would that be?

Since there’s no water, I couldn’t take a bath. No bath, I couldn’t study because I don’t feel comfy. Cannot watch movie also because of the comfy issue.

I couldn’t even brush my teeth meaning I couldn’t even eat. And now I’m so hungry I could eat a deer T___T


All I’m saying is, I’m fine with no electricty. BUT I’M NOT FINE WITH NO WATER.  How could people cut water supply? It’s hazardous I tell you. All those unwashed germs. Ergh.


See at least if there’s no electricity I could still eat and watch movies. Cannot study, no fan so hot one.


Ok complains end. Now I have no choice but to lie down and ponder upon my life and do nothing.