Hello Saturday morning!!!

I love Saturday mornings when I have no posting!


Coz I can wake up super early and wonder what I’m gonna do for the rest of the day. Wahahahahaha *super crazy*

What a nice nice feeling.

And the weather’s beautiful as well! Not too hot. Summer’s almost over, yessssssssssssssssss!!!


I think I kindda like ophthalmology. I know right!!! I was shocked as well!!!

I hated eyes more than any other parts of the body ever since forever =____=”

I dunno lah. I mean, they’re so small but so complicated. I never could get around memorizing the anatomy of  the eyes.


Remember in form 3 when we learned about the eyes, ear and nose for Science? I didn’t even bother revising the eyes for PMR. I just prayed real hard it’s not gonna come out in the test.

And it didn’t (it was ear)!

Yes I hated it that much.


But now I kindda like it. Now what I hate are…..




I never met such rude people in my life before! Every time we wanted to do history taking/examination of the patient they would appear with their cleaning equipments right on the dot.


Like they were spying on us =____=”


Time tu lah sibuk nak lap cermin and sapu-sapu and mop-mop. And then of course we had to stop what we’re doing and get outta their ways but apparently  doing that’s not enough!

Siap maki-maki us in front of the patients some more!!

Annoying to the max!!


You know what I do to calm myself in this kind of situation?

Thinking that she’s gonna be a cleaner for the rest of her life and I’ll, insyaAllah, be a doctor some day.

I know it’s a mean thought. But I really really really hate people who choose to work with people yet they’re being so rude.


Like that go work with machines lah! Then you can frown all you want.

The same goes for rude salesman/salesgirl/cashiers and yang sewaktu dengannya.

Miserable people make their lives miserable by acting miserable. That’s what I think.


Eh what this ruin my mood only.


Oh oh I wanna show my best buy this week!




A rattan wastebasket for only Rs 160!! Bought it in Fab India. I saw a similar one at Home Stop for Rs 500.  Nasib I tak beli T__T

Sukahati lah I wanna get excited over a wastebasket you care what.