Day 3

This should be the last day of BISMI but since it ended early, well… more time for us to tour the island.

After dropping off our stuff at foster mum’s house, we went to the school coz there was supposed to be a talk on Palestin. Which we bailed out seconds before it started *coughs*



That girl was so friendly because she greeted us when others didn’t. Didn’t ask her name as she was rushing for class.

Hani, she’s also in primary 4 just like you! Only much much smaller.


Kak Ja and Finah (foster sisters) were our tourist guides for the day.



We went to Underwater World first (we’re very tourist-y).


OMG those penguins were the ones from Happy Feet! I want one and then sumbat dalam peti sejuk can or not?? So cute!

While I was searching for the prettiest shells, Kak Ja and Finah were busy searching and discussing about the yummiest shells they’ve eaten.

The difference =___=”



And then I insisted on visiting the Paddy Museum.

Well I’m sorry for dragging them to see paddy fields tengah panas terik but there’s no way I was leaving Langkawi without visiting proper paddy fields!

There were lots of them everywhere of course but it wasn’t the paddy season. Most of the fields looked abandoned and dry and paddy-less 😦

So to the museum we went!



Here the paddy fields were fresh and devastatingly pretty (dah nama museum kan)! After this I want paddy fields as my garden. No need flowers.




Oh this is a random picture. We stopped for lunch and I ordered ABC and I specifically said,

“Tak nak kacang ye kak.”


“Oh tak nak jagung ye kak.”


AND LOOK WHAT SHE GAVE ME!!! Sukahati lah I eat ABC without kacang and jagung you care what!



And then we went to Makam Mahsuri.


Of course there’s the Mahsuri’s Tomb. But there were also replicas of village houses. They’re gorgeous!! Gosh I want to live in one. I think I was more excited of the houses than the tomb lol. Pija on the other hand was more interested in the mini zoo hehe.


After that we went to Muzium Kraftangan or something I forgot the name. Bought some gifts for friends there.



And then we went to Tanjung Rhu. It’s the same sea we went for mangrove tour. Except this time we went to the beach.

Beautiful. The weather, haha. But the beach was beautiful as well lah. Pija and I wanted to go on a boat ride but the person said

“The wind’s too strong.”


Which was why we wanted to go on a boat ride lah! Because it wasn’t baking hot. Haih. Some people are just clueless.


Didn’t go to Telaga Tujuh (the thought of climbing the stairs in the sweltering hot weather practically killed us) and the cable car (closed as it was being serviced. Cis time ni lah nak service.)

Oh after that we were already so tired that we decided to have dinner, buy lots of choc and cover the shopping malls and stores. Dah malam what. Time for shopping lah. The last place we went was this bazaar selling lots of dresses.

Arrived home at 12 pm.


Day 4

Kak Ja woke us up for Subuh and then we left for Kuala Muda. For the bridge that goes out to the sea dunno how to describe. 

It was so pretty that I took out my cam and snapped without looking and still the pictures turned out pretty haih.



Walking towards the bridge took us more than 30 minutes.

Walking on the bridge only took us half the time =___=”

I felt as if I was playing the Age of Empire! We saw big fish jumping in the middle of the air, saw groups of fish swimming around and we even saw a jellyfish!






Only Pija dared to go till the edge T__T  I have active imagination ok! What if I fell down, what if my feet got stuck there etc cannot!




Kampung Kuala Teriang 🙂

It’s like a not-too-modern village but not too kuno either. And everyone practically knows everyone. I loved it.



DSC07561 Home cooked food 🙂




With my foster family 🙂

You know how tourists always commented on how warm and friendly Malaysians are? Whenever I heard that, I used to think those Malaysians were fake. Because I never met any. I, for one, am a mean and unfriendly Malaysian. Cheers.

But when I came here, I finally understood what they meant. Because these people are the nicest people I’ve ever met; I could never find the right words to describe it.

In a way,  I’m glad I joined BISMI. Because then I wouldn’t meet my foster family. I fell in love more with the people than the sceneries. Without them, I would continue living believing this world is full of corrupted people.


But hey, nice people do exist 🙂


Like me bwahahahahah


30 minutes before our flight, we were still chatting with the villagers =__=”



Last shot of Langkawi before we left. I’ll definitely be back.


During monsoon. Now tanned already T___T