Day 2 (night)

That night we had BBQ with the villagers. And I’m guessing, it’s also a chance for us to mingle around with them.






I suck at mingling. So I stayed mostly with my friends.





Let me tell you what we couldn’t stop laughing about. You see, people always thought Kak Sha and I were siblings.

The same thing happened when we were in BISMI.

So I played a prank on Hani, the one who shared the same foster family with me. Coz she was asking;


“Korang adik beradik kan? Kenapa sorang kat Miri sorang kat Kajang?”

“Sebab parents ktorg dah cerai. I ikut my mum duduk Miri. Kak Sha ikut my dad duduk Kajang.”

"Omg, I’m so sorry!”


And then we just burst out laughing.

Before you scold me for making a joke outta such matter, our parents don’t exist. Kak Sha’s parents and my parents on the other hand, do.


Language is beautiful. When you know how to manipulate it. 




That’s Hani in the middle there. She’s such an easy going person, I didn’t feel awkward at all with her even though she’s older and I’d just met her.


Then my friends ditched me to be with their foster families and so I began the search for mine.

Ok lah Hani singled out our foster mum because I didn’t remember which one was her. I just remembered she wore a blue scarf that morning. Takkan malam tudung masih sama kot?


Our foster mum invited us to visit her house after that so I could easily find her house the next day as she invited me to stay with her after the program ended.


We came back around midnight to an almost empty school except for a couple of AJKs.

And that people, was the end of BISMI. Shocking, I know. More grumbling on that later.


So Hani and I decided to walk home. Fortunately Pija and another friend was waiting for us outside the school. 4 people are better than 2.

Since Hani was the only one among us staying at a different guest house, we decided to walked her home.




I never felt so safe walking at midnight!

All the kedai kopi were still open and people were hanging out. Even the vegetable store was still open and there were people actually buying veggies late at night!

And as we walked, some of the villagers passed by and greeted us.

In Miri, people passed by and mugged you =_______=”


I was asking Pija,

Nisa: Pija kenapa orang tu asyik mengaji ayat yang sama?

Pija: Hah, ada orang mengaji ke?

Nisa: Ada! Cuba dengar betul-betul!



Mengaji my foot  =__________=”


And that people, concludes BISMI.


Ok it’s time for complains! Since I happen to be very good at that, I shall not disappoint you guys.


I would say the whole concept of BISMI was a brilliant idea. But even a brilliant idea when carried out without proper management and organization, suck.

And BISMI, I’m sorry to say, is a fine example of just that.


When I first received the program outline, I thought it was awesome (except for ice breaking obviously). But being a skeptical person I am, I knew they wouldn’t be able to do everything precisely according to it.

I just didn’t expect they would deviate way more than that.


There were a lot of activities not included. Like the clinical case review. Darn I was so looking forward to it.

And the shows from each university? What happened to that?

Ok this one is ridiculously absurd. THERE WAS NO CLOSING CEREMONY. None. Nil. Nada.

Never in my life have I joined any program without a closing ceremony. That’s like a sentence without a full stop

Seems improper right?


And, ok, let’s say I paid RM 200 for the fee. And I’d spend another RM 300 for the airfare. Those are minus my expenditure in Langkawi. Not to mention I was sacrificing my rare brief holidays to join the program.

And then I found out I was assigned to facilitate children’s drawing contest and telematch.


They didn’t need medical students for that. Any random people would do. I was lucky to be assigned under mobile clinic but some of friends weren’t.

To join a medical program and getting nothing (medical wise) out of it, I gotta say the whole thing seemed to be a joke. A big joke.

Without mobile clinic, I would have gotten nothing.


And if you asked me whether I would consider joining BISMI again, I would have to say, no I won’t.


Ok Langkawi Part 4 is coming up next (when is it gonna end???)!