Day 2 (day)

Saturday. This was the day of our official programs. I’m sorry but again, I didn’t do much snapping on the day as it really was a busy day.


I thought it seemed unprofessional to snap pictures while everyone was busy doing medical check-ups and so on anyway.


Woke up at 7 am, was at the school by 7.45 am. Did some labour work; mine was putting up signs for directions around the school which we’ve drawn the night before.





I think her name was Amy/Emy/Emi. She’s a first year at CUCMS. The girl who asked:

“Nisa year berapa ye?”

“Second year.”

“Oh patut pun muka tak matang. Sebab kalau 4th year nampak matang.”


MY FACE TAK MATANG IS IT??????????????????????





What time did it start? 8.45 am? Not sure but I remember feeling shocked because the VIP (YB something2 of something2) arrived 15 minutes early.

Serious tak tipu. VIP datang awal.


Those are villagers sitting on the chairs.  The speeches were so long I thought I was gonna doze off  T_T  There were 4 if I’m not mistaken.

FOUR! Kalau makan 4 red bean pau dah kenyang dah!


After the speecheS, each of us were assigned to our foster families. I shared mine with Hani, a 4th year student from MMMC.

And then the program began!


You see, I was originally assigned under mobile clinic. That depended on whether the other village needed us or not. In the mean time, we had nothing to do.

So I-dunno-who-that-person-was told me to do the registration. That’s it. No other explanation.


It turned out that registration meant history taking =__=”  And I thought registration was only writing the name, IC number etc I was maximum-ly blur in the beginning. But with each person, I caught up………and amazingly, it was fun.


I’m certain it’s because the other person I was talking to understood fully what I was asking. Unlike here in India T__T

Instead of

“Pain? Pain, no? Yes?”

I could ask,

“Sakit katne ye?”




Anyway, halfway through doing that, mobile clinic was on. So we left for another village. I think it was Kampung Paya. More or less half an hour away.




There was something going on there. I mean when we got there, there were a lot of canopies set up. One thing is certain; it was an UMNO event.

UMNO. Hmmph.


So so so they set annother canopy up for us to do the check-ups. Just the norms lah; history taking, BP, BMI, glucose level.

The turn out was great; 100+ villagers registered and God knew how sore my body was at the end of the day.


Oh did I mention how hot the weather was? I did? Pfft!


I didn’t actually stay until the end of the event lah. I left around 1.30 pm since there weren’t that many people anymore and the doctors had arrived.


I arrived at the school and guess what I saw? Kak Sha and Pija tengah lepak2!! So not fair!! Apparently their program ended in the morning. Hah!






These pictures were taken because we just realised we didn’t take any picture of us in the BISMI shirts =____=”

The shirt was short-sleeved so we were given hand socks to wear along with it. I happen to hate wearing hand socks with short sleeves because they tend to ride up.


So I wore another black t-shirt inside. The question is, wasn’t it hot? Ahah. TERSANGAT.


Since we were free the whole afternoon, Kak Sha and I decided to check the shopping malls out. We consulted this map containing all the tourist places.

So we went to Langkawi Fair Mall. Also known as the largest shopping mall in Langkawi.

THE LARGEST LAH SANGAT. Besar lagi Bintang Mall in Miri =___=”


Ok lah I know people don’t go to Langkawi to shop but stupid map used such extravagant description.


Ok to be continued!