Ok. Where do I start?


Let’s do the formal introduction first.

Formal introduction begins now!


BISMI stands for Bakti Ikhlas Siswazah Malaysia-India.

It was held in Kuala Teriang, Langkawi from 2-4 April 2010.

Participants were medical students from IMS Bangalore, MMMC and CUCMS.

I think it’s mainly a volunteered medical program.


Formal introduction ends!


Day 1

Arrived in Langkawi approximately at 10 am. The first thing I noticed about Langkawi was,


“Oh Langkawi sungguh terang.”



After Miri (coz it’s also surrounded by sea- Borneo ma), I was craving for some place less…….humid.

But as usual, you don’t always get what you want in life *shakes head*


The AJK picked us (me and Pija) up from the airport and headed for the jetty. Had some briefing there, met some super seniors I never even knew existed (boleh tak? hueh) and hopped onto the bus.


Went for mangrove tour *ayat tersangat brief malas nak explain panjang2* where I brought my THIRD pink foldable umbrella.


You see, I had one in Bangalore. It was fussy to carry it around so I bought another one in Malaysia. I thought I’d left it behind (padahal it was just in my suitcase) so I bought another one in Langkawi.

So I ended with 3 pink foldable umbrellas. Tahniah.


I didn’t take many pictures on the first day because I was cranky due too:

1) Didn’t get any sleep the night before =___=”

2) Mengamuk towards the sun. WHY SO HOT????



That’s the mangrove



Gua Kelawar. Caves. Bats. Duh.



Fish farm. I loved this >_<



Stingrays. Omg they were so tame! I didn’t know fish could be so tame!



I didn’t touch it because……I didn’t bring hand sanitizer. My mum says I have to wash my hands frequently bah sukahati lah you care what.













This was when we stopped for lunch at some picnic place. I forgot the name 😦



The beach was breathtakingly gorgeous







Eagle feeding. They were awesome. Period.



Towards the end of the tour my mood lightened. Not to mention basah kuyup naik boat. Terima kasih to Mr. Sun, my clothes dried in seconds.

Yes I was being sarcastic.

But like I said, I didn’t take much pictures. I think we went to some kedai minyak gamat next- which didn’t interest me, sorry to say.

I don’t even like sea cucumber soup, why would I like the oil?

I’m shallow, what to do.


Went back to our respective guest houses (what happened to rumah kampung?) and got ready for the night.






Of course the rooms were not as nice as they seemed to be.

There were vans fetching us to and fro from the guest houses to SK Kuala Teriang where we mainly had our activities.

The school was only 5 minutes walk away by the way.  No wonder majority of Malaysians are obese.




The activity that night was ice breaking.


I figured if I really was interested in knowing anyone, I could just walk up to them and ask their names and stuff. I need not be forced to do so.

Ice breaking is so primary school =___=”


After that we were assigned to various stations for our main program the next day:

1) Medical check up

2) Mobile clinic

3) Basic life support

4) Oh this one I like; colouring contest and telematch. Cute.


I was assigned to mobile clinic. Yay!


Day 2 will be continued in the next post dah penat type bye.