And I’m here again!


Sorry for the short hiatus but between BISMI and shopping and tidying this room of mine, I really didn’t have much time.


Until now.


Because I am so awesome I managed to complete my room in just one day! Woke up early in the morning yesterday to shop for furniture (bed, mattress, desk), carpet, curtains etc and then I slaved one whole day organizing and tidying my stuff.


I was in such a rush because I thought there’s commed exam next Wednesday. Tengok-tengok kena tunda until the 5th of May  =____=”




Oh yeah I’ve been switched to Sindhi Hospital. When I first heard about it I was all,

“Waaaaa lepas ni banyak test!!!”


Among the 3 hospitals, Sindhi hospital is the strictest T__T

But it’s time to be more serious. Sindhi has more patients and cases compared to Jain so so so, those are good. Right.

I’m currently in ophthalmology department. Err, no idea. Haven’t been to any posting yet. Tomorrow’s my first.


Ok it’s time for pictures! >_<



I wanted this room coz of the balcony doors. Maximum sunlight! Serious puas hati.  Furniture and segala isi bilik were sponsored by Mum and Dad Enterprise. THANK YOU!!!!




The first time ever I bought a soft toy…for myself. Coz I dislike teddy bears but then I found this! It’s a huge ass cow >_<  Couldn’t resist. Cute right right right???People were asking me the name. The name is… name. I don’t do names. It’s too mushy.




And matching cow slippers >_<




Stewardess: Dik, ape dlm kotak ni?

Nisa:  Er, Koko Crunch.

Stewardess: Hah? Buat ape bawak koko crunch?

Nisa: Sebab situ takde.


I’m always in dilemma when it comes to buying food to bring to India. Coz I don’t eat instant noodles and I’m not really interested in can food or any Malaysian delicacies. So I bawak Koko Crunch banyak-banyak lah.

They don’t have koko crunch here 😦



I am sorry but I’m already so sleepy even though it’s barely 10.30 pm. Hueh.

I’ll blog about BISMI next.


Stay tune!