Now, how did I manage to get here?


By that, I meant IT’S OD THE END OF MY HOLS!!!!!!!! *in suicidal mode*

So short one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wasn’t exaggerating. My hols really are brief. Counting now…….it’s 12 days. That’s barely 2 weeks T_T


Leaving for KL this evening and then Langkawi tomorrow morning for BISMI. Will be staying there for 4 days and 3 nights, back to KL for another 2 nights and then to Bangalore on Wednesday night.

To a room that needs cleaning, decorated and is furniture-less  =___=”

And oh, to commed and practical exams. Ish.


Nvm lah. Stay at home oso I might rot of boredom. But like they say, there’s no place like home. Rot to death oso it’s still the nicest place in the world.


OMG, I was just being sentimental!!! *savours the moment*


Ok, that’s just a quick update. Making up for not blogging for 2 weeks >_<  It’s not like there’s much to say anyway.