Just as I was laying down for my afternoon nap *ehem*, I got a call from a friend telling me the pharmaco lecturer (the harry potter one) wanted to see me immediately.


Of course I didn’t go. Ceh, what for I go. I couldn’t think of any reason to do so anyway. I’ve send in the pharmaco file. Nak kata he wanted to lecture me on my bad marks in pharmaco tests, well, there weren’t any. Only seminars. And I didn’t think I did badly in those either.


No one goes to campus on Fridays anyway. Baik I tido. Whatever it was about, it could wait till Monday.


2 days to exams. No feeling so far. Only the excessive urge to sleep all the time *sighs*


Derma test just now made me feel kuno lah. We were given MCQs (for the first time ever *clap clap*). The moment we got the question papers, everyone took out their Blackberrys/HTCs/Iphones and started browsing for the answers under their desks. Of course, some are wayyyy advance they have the whole wikipedia in their phone *coughs*


I terngaga sorang-sorang kat situ. Had to rely solely on my intelligence since I didn’t own any smart phones T_T   Ok lah, not so. I just asked the answers from those sitting in front/beside/behind/2 rows behind me 😀


But that still made me feel kuno T_T



My phone looks like it belongs to a 3rd grader, no kidding:


phone 1

Front view!


phone 2

Back view >_<


phone 3 

And then you flipped it open and tadaaaaaa!


Hah your phone doesn’t have strawberry shortcake stickers


*all stickers are sponsored by HaniGemok  >_<  she actually carried the strawberry shortcake stickers all the way to India in her bear-shaped wallet (I bought it for her 2 years ago! And she still have it till now! I’m so proud!). Then she came into my room and asked me to choose some. So I sticked them onto my phone so I wouldn’t loss them lor.


When people asked me about it, this is what I said: Hp ni cute je lebih tapi function hampeh.


Which, oddly, was why I bought it.

Coz last year I wanted to change my phone but I was too lazy to browse/compare prices and so I just picked any as a temporary phone. Wth boleh pulak temporary phone. But it served my purpose. SMS + call je pun.


I find catching up with technology is tiring. Coz new models are coming out every few months. And I tak boleh harap with taking care of my things. My phone, digicam, ipod are accidentally dropped/smashed all the time, I’m losing count od  =___=”


I don’t believe in jumping on the bandwagon =)


And thus I have decided to stick with this phone until it dies (a first! I’ve matured!). That won’t be long I tell you T__T


But this year I want a new camera. But I’m broke coz all my money is used to shift house *sniffs*



Muuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm  *shining eyes*