I had a conversation with one of my housemates the other day. And I was so pissed off because the same issue kept cropping up. So I decided to pour it all here and force people to read my woes.


I think girls are dumb. Seriously.


Obviously I didn’t mean all girls. If you happened to be a girl, and you don’t think you’re dumb, then you’re not one of those people stated above. Simple. Don’t over-react and make things complicated for both me and you.


That’s the most un-harshest way I’m able to put it.


Now. As to why I said that. Ok. I’ll give you one situation as an example. Note that this doesn’t apply to everyone. Sila jangan terasa. *penat dah I bagi words of caution*


Say, what should I name her? Ok, I’ll name her Jane.


Let’s say one day, a guy YM Jane. Just like a normal friend would do. From IM-ing, they started leaving comments on each other’s wall on FB. Then they started messaging each other. Just like normal friends would do, or so they say.


Jane told her friend,“We’re just friends. That’s all. Don’t worry, there’s nothing going on.”

Then a few months later, she sighed, “How’s this? I dun wanna like him but I don’t think I could stop contacting him. I’m not that strong*.”


*My most hated sentence ever.


Now, I don’t wanna comment on the guy as I’m writing from the perspective of a girl/woman/whichever.


Ok. Let’s get back to Jane.




You ever heard of a Malay phrase that says women are like crust, no matter how hard it is, once you soaked it in water, it’ll soften (BM kan lah sendiri) ?


Very true.


I am a feminist but I have to admit that women, compared to guys, ARE WEAK. When it comes to emotions especially, women are hopeless. Yes I’m aware I’m a woman but facts are facts. No matter how one denies it, that won’t change anything. Sila berpijak di bumi yang nyata.


But that’s only the case if you choose to succumb to your nature. No one is ever left without any choices. You can choose to be strong. Or you can choose to be weak. Please don’t put the blame on your gender in this kind of situation.


Let’s say you’re on a diet. And for a month long you’ve been eating nothing but oat (serious takde life). Would you suddenly walk into KFC for lunch? Would you risk going there knowing you might not be able to stand the temptation and thus ruin your diet?


Of course not.


If you don’t wanna be tempted into doing something, avoid it. That’s one of the dos in life. Don’t go to KFC, saying determinedly you’d only order coleslaw (mind you, coleslaw’s fatty itself. Ada mayonnaise apa), when the fried chickens could be smelled a mile away.


Realise what you don’t want and divert your direction elsewhere. Don’t act all tough, don’t be so obnoxious and dumb thinking you’re strong enough to risk the temptations. Because when you fall, know that you will get hurt.


I often hear people say this:


“Aku tak berani cakap orang. Maybe nanti pun aku jadi macam tu jugak.”


Pardon my language but that’s probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.


Telling other people you won’t do it is your insurance in the future. That way, you won’t be able to retract what you’ve said. And thus, nak tak nak, you have to act it.

Stating it, on the other hand, says that you’re definitely going to do it one day. That you don’t have any choice; you have to be that way. Not want. But HAVE to.



You have to really want something to make it happen, you know?  Tak nak cakap tak nak. Don’t give a 1 km long excuse *snapped*



P.S:  I sincerely didn’t mean to offend anyone. Negative emotions upon reading are deeply regretted.