Opened the ‘Random’ picture file and realised there were things I wanted to blog about but never did.


So I collected them all here and decided to blog ’em in one go.



This was, well, I couldn’t remember when. It was Saturday night. Suka-suka had a mini picnic late at night. Semua serabai.

That was before kena jerit oleh Pak Guard though.

Seriously the guards here are getting on my nerves  =___=”



These pictures were taken during derma posting >_<


We used the dental room as our waiting room. Some were like this.




And some were pretty hardworking.

Me? I was in between of doing something and nothing, lol.



In pic: Syafiq tried to open the door using a card


The room was air-conditioned so we closed the door. That and a nurse came in telling us some doctors were shouting at them because we were too noisy.

Dah la the room was next to the psychiatric OPD 😛

But when the doctor arrived, the door was accidentally locked!




Very random pic in the auto when I was out with my housemates.




We prob have a lot of identical clothes coz we shop together and we tend to like the same stuff most of the time.

Differences would be; she likes skirts, I like pants. She likes pastel colours, I like bright colours.

This was the morning when there was no electricity. The solution? Black long dress. Unironed.

As a friend said it, “Geng yang tak gosok baju malam-malam.” 😛




Life is pretty uninteresting lately. Coz it’s mostly classes (those which I didn’t skip lah) and studying.

Oh well.