Am sitting here stuffing myself with orange biscuits.

I’m not even hungry. This is what you call




Dunno lah. Tiba-tiba rasa stress while reading the immunity chapter *must write the name of the chapter coz I so hate it T__T *


Another 5-page assignment for commed   :xwhatevah:

Pharmaco seminar tomorrow. Have an urge to skip but the attendance itself is 2 marks. So it’s a no go.

OBG assignment to be submitted tomorrow. Am gonna skip posting! Eh I’m so good I haven’t skipped OBG posting ok. Not even once. Coz I’m saving it for this week ๐Ÿ˜›


I always utilized the ponteng days, even if there’s no need to be truant. Coz that’s like free hols. Who would wanna throw away free hols??


And lastly. OBG and dermatology end of posting exams on Friday.


First Internal Assessment throughout the next week.


Then it’s Malaysia for 3 weeks people ๐Ÿ™‚


Suffering comes first though. That’s one of the rules in life  >_<  *wth no purpose letak smiley emoticon*


And and and, WE GOT THE HOUSES! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! *jumping up and down with excitement*

Found our replacement od; budak-budak junior. So so so, insyaAllah will be moving out at the end of March.

To which I’ll not be here. So my housemates will have to suffer packing and moving my things.

But when I come back from my hols, I’ll be the one suffering T__T


I heart you guys!


Dah. Nak buat OBG assignment. Toodles!


P.S: Been having dreams every night lately. Dislike the dreams, dislike dreaming as it makes me feel tired the next day. Anyone has any solution as how to stop dreaming? I’m not kidding!