Selfish is evergreen.


Doesn’t matter when. Doesn’t matter what. Doesn’t matter who. It co-exists with each of our alter ego.

You could throw 10 million of pebbles, and none of it would hit anyone with zero self-interest.

It’s our nature. But in everything, selfish too, comes with its own threshold.


No matter how many boxes of Koko Crunch you try to fit into the basket, it could only hold so much. You would only end up with boxes of cereals littering at your feet and an angry sales manager standing next to you. 


That too, is the nature.

Yet people keep forgetting this.


It’s easy to be selfish. The moment things are focused on singular, bingo. Get what you want, however you want it. For yourself. Kindda like the touch-n-go concept.


To not be selfish means you choose to sacrifice. You choose tolerance. You choose people’s happiness above your own. Once these foundations crumbled, so does a part of you.


You see a son ignoring a father. You see a man turning his back on his own people. You see a friend leaving a friend.


You see yourself becoming someone else.


And when that happens, traced back your steps. See those hearts you’ve stepped on. It’s never too late to backtrack.


A question.

If the colour of envy is green, what colour is selfish?